Presentations, pitches and physical B2B-meetings on 9 September With its bottom-up approach, it supports the development of innovative products, processes and services. It is an ideal first step in international cooperation, enabling small businesses to combine and share expertise and benefit from working beyond national or regional borders. To help interested parties in finding international partners companies, universities, research institutes with complementary expertise to set up a Eurostars project, a matchmaking event is organised in the domain of Life Sciences, including health, biotech, medtech and agrotech. In addition, the agenda will include pitch and matchmaking sessions. By scheduling the Eurostars event adjacent to this conference, participants will have the opportunity to attend several interesting presentations in the life sciences sector and network further with companies and research institutes active in the field. Eurostars Life Sciences Matchmaking Event. For whom? Companies and researchers active in the field of life sciences.


CSS delivers the best-possible schedule to both attendees and exhibitors through a sophisticated algorithm that automates the matchmaking and scheduling process at a holistic level. Give your participants a way to save time and still connect with the right people. Goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to meaningful appointments! The flexible platform is cost effective and effortless to implement because you can use any reg platform and mobile app with it!

Request a demo for your team today. Your team uses our powerful administrative tools to configure your event and set parameters.

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The latest version of MatchMaker balances station assignments to improve the team experience at the FRC Stronghold competitions. This paper discusses the desired properties of the match schedule, and an algorithm that finds near-optimal solutions in a practical time frame. The match format used at FRC competitions is currently three against three. So the match schedule consists of a list of multiple sequentially numbered matches, each with three “red alliance” teams and three “blue alliance” teams.

The outcome of these qualifying matches are used to determine team rankings, which in turn are used to determine which teams are invited to play in the elimination rounds which determine the winner in the robot performance category. Round Uniformity The matches should be divided into rounds, where each team plays exactly once in each round. The round boundary may occur in the middle of a match when the number of robots is not a multiple of 6.

Match Separation Teams need time for queueing and robot maintenance between matches, so we require a minimum gap between matches for each team. For maximum scheduling flexibility, this minimum gap is measured strictly by match numbers without regard to breaks, so the minimum gap is preserved even if schedule problems force the matches to be moved relative to the scheduled breaks. Pairing Uniformity Teams naturally want to play with and against as many other teams as possible.

It’s typically impossible for all teams to see all other teams in match play, but it’s desirable to minimize duplicates so that teams see as many different teams as possible. It’s especially desirable for a given team not to have the same team as a partner more than once, nor as an opponent more than once. If match duplication does occur, it’s preferable that a team that is seen twice is seen once as a partner and once as an opponent, rather than twice in either role.

What is a matchmaking event?

It feels like there are so many options out there for B2B appointment scheduling software and it can be so confusing understanding what you need for your event. Do you want a simple calendar scheduling system, much like we all use every day for work? Or perhaps you need more? Something that can actually match your attendees with each other based on their business needs? There are many options for social networking at both live and virtual events but how many of those actually generate business for your clients?

In addition to general registration information such as name, organisation and booth, your attendees will also provide information relating to their organisation that other attendees will be interested in.

machines is the key to getting the most from HTCondor’s scheduling algorithm. HTCondor simplifies job submission by acting as a matchmaker of ClassAds.

Phone: Fax: May 6th — PM The deadline for submitting your company information has passed. You will be notified if they confirm a matchmaking session. For additional information about matchmaking opportunities during MAC contact Anna Garrison or call Close Menu Menu Search Go. Phone: Fax: facebook twitter linkedin instagram. Brian Thomas brianthomasphotography. Company Information. Provide the physical address of the company. Street Address Apt, Suite, Bldg.

Provide physical locations for other divisions or parent company if needed. If you have completed the Supplier-to-Supplier form and the contact information is the same for each matchmaking session complete the information above and select which Company you would like to be matched with below. The contact information is duplicated in the Supplier-to-Supplier form.

Supplier to Prime Matchmaking

MapReduce is a powerful platform for large-scale data processing. To achieve good performance, a MapReduce scheduler must avoid unnecessary data transmission by enhancing the data locality placing tasks on nodes that contain their input data. This paper develops a new MapReduce scheduling technique to enhance map task’s data locality. To evaluate our technique, we compare not only MapReduce scheduling algorithms with and without our technique but also with an existing data locality enhancement technique i.

The scheduling mode determines how a time and location for a meeting is scheduled. Participants schedule meetings themselves (Default).

Since its very beginning, Wolves Summit has been our answer to a worldwide problem of finding and meeting with the relevant people from the tech community. We focus on quality, time-efficient, valuable networking that supports innovation in technology. Wanting to ensure that your conference experience will be whole, we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you discover Wolves Summit Matchmaking system and fully understand it.

Here’s everything you need to know about it. The key focus of Wolves Summit is to support innovation in technology by improving the way one meets with people relevant to their business needs. We have introduced a format of minute meetings between the participants of our conference as, basing on our experience, 15 minutes is a time long enough to decide whether you have common business interests and are willing to move the conversation forward.

We provide three sqm areas with places dedicated just for this format. Wolves Sumimt matchmaking is a system that helps you schedule meetings with relevant people before and during the conference and make sure your time will be used to its maximum. For me, the highest value out of the conference is the quality of the matchmaking tool. The fact that I am able to do such good meetings at Wolves Summit is the thing that I really enjoy the most.

Each meeting lasts for 15 minutes. You can also meet people the traditional, coffee-break way; you will definitely expand your network, however, if you value time-efficiency and set yourself a business goal for the conference, we recommend you to use matchmaking to the fullest. Two weeks before the conference we send out the access to matchmaking system to each participant with the appropriate ticket as long as you got your ticket before that date. We recommend you to start scheduling the meetings right away when everyone still has free slots left.

Siege matchmaking unfair

Make every impression count at conferences, meetings and beyond. Discover the powerful Aventri Platform. Schedule a demo today to see how Aventri can help you Connect Better and start creating unforgettable meetings and events.

How is our platform different from other scheduling software? collection of meeting schedules. Our matchmaking platform stands above other scheduling software.

The scheduling mode determines how a time and location for a meeting is scheduled. Participants schedule meetings themselves Default Participants choose a timeslot when accepting a meeting request. This mode is preferable when you want to make sure that participants know when their meeting will take place the moment when the request is being accepted and when the organiser does not want to go through the process of scheduling meetings. Organisers schedule meetings manually Organisers will have to manually schedule the meeting with the help of the scheduler a few days prior before the event will take place.

When an participant accepts a meeting request, the date and time will not be immediately available to the participants. This information will only be available prior to the event, after the organiser schedules the meetings and publishes the schedules. This mode is preferable when you want to ensure that your meetings are scheduled in the most efficient possible way. To get more information on how scheduling meetings manually by the organiser works read our guide to scheduling meetings.


Exhibitors and buyers have 8 minute slots for a first business talk. Afterwards the exhibitors move forward to their next appointments. The buyers remain at their desks and wait for their next meeting partners. Within their profile descriptions in the Matchmaking Tool , buyers and exhibitors can focus on certain products and services as well as countries and therefore are able to find relevant meeting partners who match their interests. Please note: Exhibitors must have at least one pre-scheduled appointment in order to participate in the event.

ITB Buyers Circle members can take part in the event without having pre-scheduled appointments.

See why our customers say that “The MatchMaker Sports Scheduling System is the fastest and easiest way to schedule your sports leagues and tournaments.”.

Marcom eSchedule is a meeting scheduler software solution for hosted buyer programs. Depending on your event size and characteristics, our team will assist you in choosing the right solution. Learn more about our Meeting scheduler Get a Free demo — Ask for a quote. Back to the FAQ main page. Marcom eSchedule is the perfect meeting scheduler for B2B meetings, matchmaking events and hosted buyer program.

It is the perfect solution to empower attendees and let them optimize their meeting schedule. It is suitable for all B2B meeting events as long as all appointment timeslots are the same for all attendees. Numerous industries are using our solutions including education, tourism, sports and many others. Marcom eSchedule is suitable for all sizes of events.

Professional Event Planners love our solution as it does save them a lot of time. With Marcom eSchedule, you empower your attendees and provide them with the right matchmaking solution so that they can meet the right partners. As an event organizer, you are able to fully monitor the appointment scheduling process through your back office which comes with numerous reports.

You will also increase your revenue stream by displaying dedicated sponsors on Marcom eSchedule.

LOMARC — Lookahead Matchmaking for Multi-resource Coscheduling

The fastest and easiest way to schedule your sports leagues and tournaments See why our customers say that ” The MatchMaker Sports Scheduling System is the fastest and easiest way to schedule your sports leagues and tournaments. I want the following in my scheduling program Minutes to complete most schedules even double elimination brackets Free Tournament Bracket Scheduler Included Allows for team preferences for fields, times, and days Helps avoid embarrassing scheduling mistakes Works For All Sports!

Dear League and Tournament Schedule Makers. I know you are busy this time of year, so I’ll keep this short.

Business matchmaking scheduling seeks to maximize the total number of appointments with the maximum objective that weighs the preferences of both buyers.

Login as Participant Organizer. Engage with your audience online no matter your event format. A user-friendly event platform to engage your attendees. Exhibitor lead retrieval system. Events Conferences. Deliver your attendees the best experience and knowledge. Turn ideas into actions and connect your employees.

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MatchMaker Scheduling Algorithm

The latter supports coscheduling without any context switches and provides additional options for CPU-internal resource sharing. We present an approach that includes all possible resources into the schedule optimization and improves utilization by coscheduling two jobs if feasible. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Our B2B Matchmaking Tool and Appointment Scheduling Software can Save time and Money by Adding Value to Your Business to Business (B2B) Events.

Mobile apps, review sites, social media and other digital tools put information at our fingertips. Although the stakes are higher when it comes to finding a health care provider, more of us are taking the selection process into our own hands, which means health systems must adapt and build new strategies for engagement and retention. The report also shows while participants rely on referrals for specialists, they still follow up with their own research to ensure a provider is truly a match.

Unsurprisingly, more than half of respondents used an online resource to find information about providers. To keep pace with this trend, health care organizations must establish themselves as trusted sources for providing the information about providers that we as consumers care about most. Matching to the right provider is a nuanced process. Overwhelmingly, most of us think about these factors when researching and choosing a provider:.

Health systems can take a page from brands like Amazon and Uber, which disrupted their industries to create simple, efficient digital search experiences that make it easy for people to make matches.

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