Chat, flirt, date, or make new friends. Filter people to browse by gender, age, location, nationality and more. Play Meet Me to meet new people quickly. Free to join and use. Millions of new connections are formed on hi5 every single day between. Please note: We take. More than 14 downloads this month. Download hi5 latest version Find the best free apps like hi5 for iPhone. Requires iOS 8.

hi5 Review August 2020

Social networking sites are getting bigger and better every day, but if you don’t find Facebook and MySpace to your liking, you have plenty of other options. One of the most popular is Hi5. Hi5 shares many similarities with social network sites that are already household names, but it introduces some twists that make it worthwhile for people who love trying out new and interesting online communities.

Hi5 bears more than a passing visual resemblance to other social networking sites.

He is a results-oriented professional; aiming to keep his skills relevant and his processes up-to-date. Kingson is a valuable addition to any developm Hi5 API​.

Largely aimed at the younger audience, hi5 is free to join, but requires coins to buy gifts, access the Flirt network, or play certain premium games. Coins can be earned by taking part in certain promotions, or you can buy them with real money. Signing up with hi5 is very simple and doesn’t ask you to fill in lots of information about yourself, like many other social networks do. Once you’ve registered you can then spend time building up your hi5 profile: creating an avatar, posting status updates, adding photos, inviting friends, etc.

Although there’s no live chat feature on hi5, there are still plenty of ways you can interact with your Hi5 friends. You can send them a message, give them a gift and ‘high 5 them’ similar to poking in Facebook. You can also create friends ‘circles’ in order to group your contacts. The Flirt section of hi5 allows you to exchange chit-chat with people you might be interested in hooking up with.

You can enter the age range, sex and location of people you’re interested in and then flick through profiles of matches. Be warned that some of the profile pictures contain nudity, so this section isn’t really suitable for under 18s. There’s a wealth of free games available to play on hi5, ranging from puzzles to skill games, as well as other applications.

Download hi5 dating site

As of August, , we reevaluated Hi5 and deemed it did not meet our minimum criteria for a review anymore. For this reason we have decided to retire the review and move Hi5 from the Dating on Social Networks category to Not Recommended. While the Hi5. If you are looking for a dating service similar to what Hi5 use to offer, you might want to consider Tagged and Badoo. Below, we have left our original Hi5 review for your continued reading.

The review received its last major update on January 23,

Download hi5 apk for Android. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. hi5 is the best place to date, chat, or meet new people! -Make a quick connection with our dating game By signing up you agree to our terms of service. Sign In. Add Images To Post.

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How Hi5 Works

It is almost identical to the Tagged website. Both sites are owned by social and mobile tech company The Meet Group. Hi5 became one of the most popular social networks in when it experienced a huge growth spurt with much of that popularity coming from Central America. The site got its name from a feature that gave members the opportunity to give their friends virtual high-fives.

Fives were used as a way to describe a friend relationship.

Is there any way of using Hi5 without visiting its website – {Hi5 App Download}. Many social networking mediums are website base but with the.

Is Hi5 a dating site or perhaps how do I find someone on hi5? Hi5 can be related to when someone is telling you to give him or her a high five. Also, it can be related to giving someone a five-hand finger shake. However, this concept is more related to the social networking site which is called Hi5. The social networking website is designed to help users meet millions of people from various countries and locations.

Moreover, there are over millions of people on the Hi5 communicating platform created to be a fun-loving platform where you get to make new friends on Hi5 every single day. On the contrary, many people compare the Hi5 to the Facebook platform, but this is quite different. Basically, Hi5, a social networking website and also an online dating site actually designed for people interested in a romantic relationship, dating, flirting and above all making new bodies.

First of all, the application is a San Francisco, California social networking site which was reportedly the 2 largest social networking sites in San Francisco by The Hi5 designs with a typical feature of a social networking site which includes connecting with friends, sharing photos, creating groups, and also updating your status. Lately, the platform also added an entertainment number of features which also included gaming app.

Getting started

The website has over ,, people worldwide and is still active with younger people! To show you what we think of hi5, we review the site and look at its members, the user-friendliness of the website and the hi5 mobile app, its biggest feature, and its prices. Take a look in our ranking for the best adult dating sites! While hi5 was quite popular in the mid- to late s, it has since seen a lot of its innovation and uniqueness drop off. The site seems to have not had its layout or user-interface modernized in over a decade, which hurts it when compared to others.

-Make a quick connection with our dating game -Chat with people nearby or around the world -Play popular meeting game “Pets” Sign up today! Please note:​.

Hi5 is a social network for meeting millions of people, and having fun and also making a lot of friends. It is also a social networking site that is based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in the year by Ramu Yalamanchi and it was also reported to be among the largest social network. Hi5 aims at connecting different people from all over the world and keeps a rise in traffic as it records millions of users from across the world.

Hi5 makes you discover new people, find friends, and learn a great deal while you interact with them. This portal is designed to be sleek, user-friendly so any activity on it is hurdle free and it also creates a path to get to meet many new people.

What Is Hi5, and Is It Different from Facebook?

It is owned by The Meet Group. Users can create a profile and provide personal information including interests, age, photos, and hometown. Users can also send friend requests via e-mail to other users. When a person receives a friend request, he may accept or decline it, or block the user altogether.

Hi5 Dating – free no sign up chat rooms – foreign dating websites.

Getting started with the Hi5 Award is easy. Find out how to register and get started. This entitles you to purchase and submit an unlimited number of Hi5 challenge sheets. To register, simply download the form below and fill in your details. To order Hi5 challenge sheets you must be registered with Youth Scotland. See above information on registering.

Registered groups and individuals can order Hi5 Challenge Sheets by purchasing here.

hi5 – meet, chat & flirt

Founded in , hi5 was one of the largest and most popular social networking apps in the early s. Since the beginning of its release, it has gained huge amounts of funding in capital. This enabled hi5 to switch to becoming a social gaming network which featured over games in different categories. Up until it was acquired by If we , which is a social and mobile technology company owned by The Meet Group, Inc.

It may not be as popular as it was before as well as compared to other dating sites nowadays, but hi5 still has its fair share of active users.

Through social games and paid dating features, they earned a Tagged bought Hi5 in before branching out into standalone social up 56 percent in a year as it began to follow its users to smartphones. Sign up for Newsletters Privacy Policy · Terms of Service · Extra Crunch Terms · Do not sell.

Hi5 login account is all that is required to stay connected on this platform after Hi5 sign up account or account registration. Hi5 as a social network was launched in and ever since has become of the most popular social networking on the internet. Based in California, hi5 has spread over so many countries and regions. And has gained millions of active users since its launch, with over 40 million monthly visitors. Hi5 social network is so popular that it is one big platform where one can possibly find a dream partner via dating.

This is possible with hi5 sign up and hi5 login which are the processes involved in account registration and sign in. This is the only way one can access Hi5, surf and enjoy all of its features; which includes meeting new people, playing games, sharing of photos and many more. As a matter of purpose, this article is aimed at giving you hint and the steps involved in Hi5 sign up which is how to complete Hi5 account registration and also Hi5 login which in the process of accessing the registered account.

The process of account registration is simple and easy, as long as you have your email address ready, in addition to few other basic information like your date of birth and others. As soon as you complete hi5 registration, you will start accessing the network and start meeting people. There is no limitation to whom you can meet. Thus, let us get started with Hi5 sign up and account login.

Like earlier stated, hi5 account registration is simple and easy to complete.

Create your Account

Pick your preferred language. We speak English and 43 other languages. Check for travel restrictions. Travel might only be permitted for certain purposes, and touristic travel in particular may not be allowed. Read more.

Hi5 is an online dating site where you can find somebody who is willing to hang out with you. You can also chat and meet singles easily on Hi5.

Hi5 is one of the world’s largest social entertainment sites that enjoy massive traffic of millions of people who sign up daily to connect with friends, play games, meet new people and share photos and information. Unlike other social networking sites, hi5 offers a holistic approach to online social and entertainment trends by making every moment fun and worthwhile for singles.

From social games, third-party games, applications using via its OpenSocial tool, virtual goods to payment-based premium content, hi5 offers its users an exciting experience that enhances interactivity and self-expression. While at it, users are kept entertained through advanced social and gaming features that enable them to play games, share photos, connect to friends and meet new people. With over 50 million unique visitors joining this site every month, hi5 has received 5-star ratings from young singles who have successfully found love, dates, lasting relationships and fun on the site.

Amazingly, joining hi5 is absolutely free and simple! The following steps will help you get started: Download the hi5 Android app Check your “Meet Me” feed Browse new people and friends Chat and flirt with people locally or around the world Play the site’s popular meeting game “Pets”. If you are looking for a social networking site to socialize and date, hi5 is for you. Once you create a profile, you can start enjoying the site’s social and gaming features your way.

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Originally launched as a list of school affiliations, Classmates came out in December The site, founded by Randy Conrads, later incorporated features like member profiles and friends lists. The company was sold to United Online in and suffered from a string of controversies, including an investigation by Andrew Cuomo, who was New York Attorney General at the time.

The company has been rebranded as a center for nostalgia called Memory Lane. Six Degrees is widely considered to be the very first social networking site. Founded by Andrew Weinreich in May , the site launched the following year and combined popular features such as profiles, friends lists and school affiliations in one service.

1 social networking site for singles who want to flirt, chat, date, play games and entertainment sites that enjoy massive traffic of millions of people who sign up.

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