Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Originally Posted by bigquestions. Here is a pharmacist’s advice: I would have trouble dating my patient because there is something unethical about it. All this to say, if you are turned down, don’t take it too personally Yeah, I really didn’t think about that. So, when I first saw her I should have lunged across the counter and said I want to ask you out?

Here’s Why Your Pharmacist Won’t Fill Your Prescription — and What You Can Do About It

Recently, my girl started bragging about an Elle article stating pharmacists were among those deemed “most good-looking medical professionals” in America. To begin with, I was sort of prideful in that I was dating a soon-to-be pharmacist. Later on, I started thinking if I was really dating her because of the good looks aspect.

The next day it so happened that my close friend told me how he met a girl and he liked her and she told him she was a pharmacy student.

(1) The pharmacy has the capability to place the expiration date, as required by this rule, on the prescription label. (2) The expiration date on the label shall not.

If your child is sick, you’ll probably have many questions to ask your doctor. But have you made a list of questions and concerns to share with your pharmacist? If you’re like most parents, the answer is probably “very few” or “none. To encourage questions from their customers, many pharmacies have counseling rooms where pharmacists can talk to patients and families privately. Pharmacists cannot diagnose medical conditions. But they can answer many questions about medicines, recommend nonprescription drugs, and discuss side effects of specific medicines.

And some also can provide blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring and offer advice on home monitoring tests. Most pharmacists who graduated in the s received 5-year bachelor’s degrees. It has become the standard for pharmacists to receive a doctor of pharmacy degree. This 6- to 8-year-program requires pharmacists in training to go on hospital rounds with doctors and be there when decisions are made to begin medicine use.

After getting their degrees, many pharmacists get additional residency training so they can work in a hospital setting. Pharmacists are required to stay updated on the changing world of medicine and to take continuing education classes on drug therapy. Many pharmacies have private counseling areas where you talk without interruption. Some pharmacists also accept questions over the phone.

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Authority: NAC In either case the pharmacist must: 1 Note the quantity supplied with the original prescription, and 2 Fill any quantity of the remaining portion that is requested no later than 30 days of the date the prescription was issued. There is no limit to the number of times a prescription can be partially filled within the 30 days so long as the total quantity in all partial fillings does not exceed the total quantity that was prescribed.

If a CII is written on the same prescription with another drug, the pharmacy must:.

30 Logical Reasons Why You Should Date A Pharmacist · They Are Smart Because their job demand a high knowledge, they will be forced to have a high.

Nationally over the past few years, there has been an increase in high-profile adverse events related to pharmacy practice. These adverse events have given rise to a heightened level of scrutiny of pharmacy practice as well as its regulators. During this time, the Washington State Legislature adopted a more stringent set of pharmaceutical compounding standards. Following this overall national trend, the Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission WAPQAC adopted a more rigorous routine inspection process subjecting pharmacies to a more in-depth and comprehensive standards review.

As part of this process, pharmacies have been cited for violations contained in these new standards. Additionally, repeat violations are cited with higher point deductions when violations from previous inspections have not been corrected. This in-depth and comprehensive process, in some instances, has resulted in some pharmacies receiving lower inspection scores than they had traditionally received in the past.

WAPQAC investigators routinely conduct pharmacy inspections to ensure that all pharmacies in the state meet minimum standards of operation and practice as defined by rule and statute. The WAC further defines three rating classifications for pharmacy; Class A — for inspection scores of 90 to ; conditional for inspection scores of 80 to 89; and unsatisfactory for inspection scores 79 and below.

30 Logical Reasons Why You Should Date A Pharmacist

Boards of Pharmacy address a variety of issues associated with pharmacists and their misbehaviors. Many of these events involve violation of federal or state statutes, disregard of regulations or rules, dispensing errors, diversion, fraud, and failure to comply with continuing education or competency requirements.

When it comes to the personal actions of pharmacists, in some cases they are no different from the actions of certain politicians, clergy, or professional athletes. Pharmacists are human and naturally experience sexual desires.

15 Reasons to Date a Pharmacist · 1. Pharmacists are trained to be very aware of your health needs — this makes them extremely good listeners.

This scenario happens more often than you might think. Here are seven reasons why your pharmacist can refuse to fill your prescription and steps you can take in each situation. Pharmacies receive prescriptions in a couple of different ways: They can be physically dropped off, called in over phone, faxed, or electronically sent in. If your doctor writes a prescription and gives it to you during your appointment which is becoming rarer these days , give it a quick look to ensure that it is complete.

If the pharmacist is unable to read a prescription, they are required by law to contact your doctors office and confirm the information first. Handwritten prescriptions are not as common these days due to the popularity of electronic prescriptions, but they still do exist and need to be deciphered by the pharmacist. If you notice that that your prescription looks sloppy, be sure to leave your contact information with the pharmacy in case there are any problems.

Ending the Pharmacist Patient Relationship

The Drug Disposal Form Tab is located at the bottom of the facility page. Complete the form making sure a current e-mail address is listed. The form can be saved to be completed later; a confirmation number will be provided to access the form again. Once the form is submitted , you will not be able to access the form to make changes. Do not combine controlled and non-controlled medications.

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He knows everyone by name and is very helpful, wants to make sure im set with my medications for my heart even if i dont need them, hes funny outgoing. I know he has to be this way, but hes younger n nicer. The older pharm d is not like him at all! I now have a lil crush, but i dont really flirt. Just talk and make jokes. Anyway, i saw him once when i was out for drinks and regret i didnt walk up to say hi.

After that i saw him and majorly flirted and we had this witty banter going. My brother was there and when we left the stote he said i should date him lol. I dont think i can ask out my pharmacist, can i? Odd thing is when i went to get my medicine after two weeks while the tech was helping me, the cute pharmacist kept slyly looking at me, then looked away when i stared at him.

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Last updated Jun 1, Pharmacy Management. Pharmacy compliance is a crucial matter, but without a systemized method for tracking and maintaining it, facilities stand to face serious consequences. Here are five ways pharmacies can ensure they maintain compliance. Documenting pharmaceutical care promotes efficient communication between patients and staff and allows other health providers to provide better continual care. Federal and state regulations are in constant flux and tend to be complex.

Find a reliable way to be alerted of upcoming regulation changes and have a set of sources to turn to if you need help interpreting laws or advice for adoption and implementation.

A pharmacist must first complete the licensure transfer application process through What is the earliest date that the Board will schedule an inspection once an.

Prescriptions: Eprescribing. Prescriptions: Noncontrolled Substances. Destruction of Unwanted Medications. Medications for treatment of Addiction. Over the Counter Medications. Prescriptions: Controlled Substances. Certified nurse practitioners and PAs can write prescriptions for C-II controlled substances if the following requirements have been met:.

Non-controlled legend drugs: There is no expiration date for a prescription for any non-controlled, legend drug. Schedule II controlled substances: There is no expiration date for prescriptions written for schedule II controlled substances. Schedule V controlled substances: There is no expiration date for prescriptions written for schedule V controlled substances. If the stock bottle for that medication has been thrown away, the resulting expiration date is either the expiration date on the label or 12 months, whichever date is less.

What Does “Earliest Fill Date” On A Controlled Substance Prescription Mean?

Have you ever went into your local drug store and out of the corner of your eye, you spot a nice looking person filling your prescription? There has to be something about that white lab coat that just drives singles wild! Of course, while many people already understand the allure of a pharmacists, there are some that will look at you a little funny when you say that your pharmacist is a hottie. Fortunately, we have created a list of reasons why anyone would want to date a pharmacist.

The next time someone questions your attraction to the geek in a lab coat, you can use the items on this list to help them see the light. Pharmacists have been trained to listen to the public about their health needs.

Top 10 Reasons For Dating A Pharmacist. One pharmacist confessed to guessing what a doctor wrote on his prescription pad before filling out a Rx for a patient.

In this article, our pharmacist discusses what “Earliest Fill Date” on a controlled substance prescription means and what you should do if your doctor gave you a prescription that indicates a “Earliest Fill Date”. When can I Fill this medication? Should I take this prescription to my pharmacy? It is very common that prescribing practitioners write “earliest fill date” on prescriptions , as it indicates to the dispensing pharmacy the appropriate day a controlled substance prescription should be filled, or at the very least, not filled before.

They will pick the appropriate date based on their prescribing history for you so you can consistently get your medication on the same day each month depending on how many days there are in the month of course! This is a better practice on most occasions than simply sending a prescription to a pharmacy the day the prescription is due as it can help to avoid problems.

If prescriptions are simply sent over to a pharmacy when they are “due”, you could run into inventory issues, technological problems sending the prescription over, communication issues between the doctor and pharmacy etc Building lead time for controlled substance prescriptions is very important and can prevent delay in dispensing your medication appropriately and on time. Another reason why this is a commonly used practice is that it keeps everyone on the same schedule.

Pharmacies typically fill prescriptions they day they receive them, but when it comes to controlled substances, the laws are very strict and it is good to have a firm date the doctor wants the prescription filled. States vary on their laws, but generally there is not much room for changes in regards to when controlled substance prescriptions can be filled on a monthly basis.

Writing “Earliest Fill Date” eliminates this guesswork. It is very important that your prescriptions are not ‘post dated’.

What Can Your Pharmacist Do For You?

Get Email Updates:. The purpose of this guide is to ensure that controlled substances continue to be available for legitimate medical and scientific purposes while preventing their diversion into the illicit market. It is not the intent of this publication to reduce or deny the use of controlled substances where medically indicated. Nothing in this guide should be construed as authorizing or permitting any person to conduct any act that is not authorized or permitted under Federal or state laws.

I mean a pharmacist is someone you trust with your life, and I would not trust that individual to make valid, ethical decisions beyond his dating.

Searching for love is always a hard thing to do especially with all the options that is provided because there are a variety of people. But what if you can determine who you are compatible with through your profession? A pharmacist is someone that handles medicinal drugs. They are precise and they have hidden qualities. Curious to know what it is? Here are the reasons why you should date a pharmacist;.

Being precise can help him measure his actions that shows love towards you so that it is enough to make you happy.

Should I date my classmates in pharmacy school?