The Clearblue Pregnancy Test with weeks indicator is the first and only test that is as accurate as an ultrasound at dating pregnancy. The Clearblue Pregnancy Test with weeks indicator is the first and only test that is as accurate as an ultrasound Show more. Search for a product. Testers’ gallery. Buy Now. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test The Clearblue Pregnancy Test with weeks indicator is the first and only test that is as accurate as an ultrasound at dating pregnancy. Leave a review.

Accuracy of Clear Blue Easy Digital Pregnancy Test

Back to Pregnancy. A positive test result is almost certainly correct. However, a negative test result is less reliable. When you become pregnant, your body produces a sudden increase of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin HCG, known as the “pregnancy hormone”.

As accurate as a doctor’s urine test at detecting pregnancy Clearblue Pregnancy Test Double-Check and Date Combo Pack – Weeks Indicator & Rapid​.

Could You Be Pregnant? If you think that you might be, the double-check and date combo pack from Clearblue is the perfect choice. Use the first pregnancy test to see if you are pregnant. This combo pack allows you see see your results instantly. The result is displayed clearly in words on the front of the Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator.

Another great feature with both these tests — they are early pregnancy tests. This means that both of them can be used up up to 5 days before your expected missed period. Clearblue are acknowledge for producing some of the best early pregnancy tests on the market today. As will all pregnancy tests, earlier results do not have this level of accuracy. This is because the levels of pregnancy hormone in urine will not be as high.

Performance Evaluation Study for Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Last updated on Jul 1, There are two different types of pregnancy tests: those that check the blood and those that check the urine. Many woman like the convenience and privacy of using an at home urine pregnancy test to initially determine if they are pregnant or not. Home pregnancy tests are very accurate if used properly , inexpensive and easily available at the pharmacy.

In laboratory tests Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests is more than 99% accurate in detecting whether or not you are pregnant, when used from the day your period.

This Clearblue pregnancy test is the first and only home test that is as accurate as an ultrasound scan when dating your pregnancy. Containing a Smart Dual Sensor that lets you know in words if you are pregnant, or not pregnant. Simply place just the absorbent tip pointing downwards in your urine stream for 5 seconds only. Take care not to get the rest of the digital pregnancy test stick wet.

Or you can instead collect a sample of urine in a clean, dry container. Place the absorbent tip pointing downwards in the urine for 20 seconds only. Keep the tip pointing downwards or lay the digital pregnancy test stick flat while you wait for the result. After doing the clearblue pregnancy test an hour glass ‘Wait’ symbol will flash to show that the test is working.

When the wait symbol stops flashing your result will appear. Here at TravelPharm, we work hard to process and ship orders in a timely fashion. Our shipping hours are:.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test – Double Check & Date

Your result should appear in three minutes. And if you are taking the test the day of your expected period, you can expect to get a 99 percent accurate reading. They also liked that you get three individually-wrapped sticks in a pack, so you can try again if need be—or just hold onto the extras for next time you need to take a test. If you are pregnant , you could find out as soon as one minute after taking the test using the Rapid Detection Pregnancy test. This Clearblue product can be used up to five days before your missed period.

People who tried this test praise its accuracy and speed of results.

The Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator. The first and only test that is as accurate as an ultrasound scan at dating pregnancy*. Its smart dual sensor not​.

An unintended aspect of the test is that it might be able to measure the risk of a miscarriage. It’s been available in Europe since Usually a pregnancy test just reports whether a woman is pregnant or not buy measuring the levels of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin hCG in a woman’s urine. While it’s not marketed for it, the test can also be used to indicate if a woman is at risk for a miscarriage.

One of the key warning signs is that the woman’s hCG level doesn’t rise rapidly the way it should in early pregnancy. So for example, if a woman has tested positive for pregnancy and does not get a “3-plus weeks” reading after three weeks or more of pregnancy, she might be at risk. While it’s not marketed for that use, Dr. Michael Zinaman, who is on the Clearblue advisory board and is the chair of obstetrics and gynecology at St.

So, to the degree you do not see that, women should take caution and suggest that maybe ‘my pregnancy is not progressing as expected,’ and perhaps notify their doctor. Skip to main content. Close close Donate.

Clearblue Combo Pregnancy Test 2ct, Digital and Rapid Detection

The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator boasts the same accuracy as an ultrasound scan at dating your pregnancy. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test will clearly estimate the week of your conception. Your healthcare provider will calculate your stage of pregnancy based on the first day of your last period, and not from the date you conceived.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator is accurate as a Based on a day cycle, your doctor will date your pregnancy at weeks.

Clearblue is perhaps the best-known brand of pregnancy tests. The range is constantly evolving and consumers are able to use the latest technology to get the most reliable results as early as possible. The tests are easy to use and now have a range of different features, including digital results windows, which make them more accessible and easier to use; the results are clearer and prevent any confusion.

Clearblue is one of the most popular brands of pregnancy test in the UK; the range is recommended by both health experts and consumers. Clearblue Digital tests are the most recommended pregnancy tests by doctors, according to research carried out in the UK. The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test is a revolutionary product, which uses words instead of lines or plus and minus symbols.

The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test is a one of a kind product, which has been designed to prevent confusion and misinterpretation of the results of a test, which can easily be done when different numbers of lines or the darkness of lines are used to indicate whether or not a woman is pregnant. Research suggests that 1 in 4 women can interpret a test wrongly, meaning they may think they are pregnant when they are not, or vice-versa. The Digital pregnancy test is very easy to use; it must be placed under the urine stream for around five seconds and then you should wait three minutes for the results to appear; during this time an hourglass symbol will pop up to show the test is working and this will then be followed by the result.

What is the Best Clearblue Pregnancy Test for Me?

Most accurate reading in early pregnancy – more women get a correct reading with Clearblue digital pregnancy testing than any other pregnancy test. When you are pregnant your body produces the pregnancy hormone hCG human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. The amount of hCG in your body increases in the early stages of pregnancy. Clearblue can detect tiny amounts of this hormone in your urine.

Based on the level of hCG in your urine, the Clearblue conception indicator provides an estimate of when you conceived.

easy to read results clearblue This combo pack allows you see see your results instantly. · 5 days early pregnancy test · Up to 99% Accurate.

Delivery Details. Clearblue Value Pack — Double Check offers you the possibility to test and confirm the result while learning how many weeks ago you conceived. It contains two Clearblue Pregnancy tests for confidence when you need it most. No tests are more Accurate then the Clearblue Pregnancy Tests. The tests are so Sensitive and Early that they can be used up to 4 days before your period is due.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to keep from getting pregnant, when you miss your period you want to know immediately if you are pregnant or not. Reassurance throughout the testing process is provided by clear symbols on the digital display showing test progression and any error messages. Shown below are examples of the results you could expect to see.

Got a ‘pregnant’ result? Should you test again?